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  • 2021-10-18
    Select the correct sub -cutter blade, the effect of cutting will be better
    Select the correct sub -cutter blade,The effect of division will be better. As the semi -cutting machine begins to be widely used in many industries,Generally, there are different semi -cutter blades that need to be selected,The process of cutting is also different。So,After the continuous development of domestic science and technology,Can be able to master ...
  • 2021-9-29
    2024 EUROPEAN CUP how to make round blades achieve environmentally friendly and energy -saving and how to maintain a round blade
    2024 EUROPEAN CUP how to make round blades achieve environmental protection and energy saving, and how to maintain round blade 2012 is the year of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" start,Energy saving of the round blade industry。It is also a tested year of the beginning。Industry experts agree,Twelfth Five -Year Plan "Energy -saving and emission reduction situation will be more severe than" Eleventh Five -Year Plan "。Industry Information ...
  • 2021-10-22
    Shanghai blade manufacturer's maintenance method at high temperature at high temperature
    Shanghai blade manufacturer's maintenance method at high temperature at high temperature is used as a large -scale equipment in the division blade manufacturer,Slip blade has a unique industrial status in industrial production,Due to good performance,Processing limitations wide,Slimage machine blade is increasingly applied to all aspects of national production。And now ...

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  • Company introduction
    Company introduction
    2024 EUROPEAN CUP FOOTBALL LIVE Scores is a professional processing division、Division、Manufacturer of a paper machine round blade。Since the establishment of the company, we have adhered to "integrity、Professional、Innovation、High -quality、High efficiency "purpose,Provide customers with excellent blade services according to different needs of customers。 The various models of the company's main model specifications are cut、Division、Paper round blade (Discosimer on the blade、Black blade、Rolling blade、Pingyuan blade、Blade、Ultra large round blade、Standard type division of air -cutting knife set) Widely applicable to papermaking、Paper product processing、Adhesive belt products、Film、wire and cable、rubber、Aluminum foil、Chemical fiber、Non -manufacturing cloth、Composite packaging materials、Telecommunications Electric、Cigarette、Leather、Print、Food and clothing and other industries。 The company uses the management method of modern enterprises,Based on the quality management of the product,E ...

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